Apple tech, jewelry, guns: Dataviz of what Americans pawn

I understand your overall statement and can’t disagree, but also want to add that, personally, they can be very useful. I end up wanting to declutter and get rid of things, and though I’ll usually just donate stuff, sometimes I want to recoup a little of my cost. In those cases, it’s actually nice to have the option of bringing stuff to a pawn shop instead of having to deal with selling it myself via craigslist or some other service. The time investment is way lower.
Not to say there couldn’t be a better alternative, but if there is, I’m not aware of it.

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Michael Kors anything will pawn low because the Chinese counterfeit almost everything with that name: our regional flea market is full of the stuff.

Guns get pawned by people who own more than one. In an area where the police might take 30 minutes or more to arrive, they are used for self and family protection. Unfortunately, they probably are the second most stolen item in burglaries, after opiates.

Warning: people pawn cars and electronics when they start acting up. Had two different tenants purchase cars from the usurious and corrupt local auto pawn chain. One blew a head gasket by the weekend and the other just quit. It’s not a good idea to purchase cars from people with long term financial problems since the cars do not get maintained and often are owned by addicts or drunks.

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