Apple to release iOS 12.1 on October 30 with Group FaceTime, new emoji, more 🍎


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Are we finally on the road that sees the end of lightning connectors? I hope so!


I can love with Lightning connecters, but PLEASE BRING BACK THE MINI-PHONE CONNECTER!! :sob:


(crackly 1950s voice) β€œIt’s time to visit the world of tomorrow. What will the world be like, just fifty years from now? One thing we know for sure: there’s no stopping the march of progress. The people of 2018 will enjoy technological marvels almost beyond our imagination. Every day will bring them some new wonder, as brilliant inventor-businessmen, titans of industry commanding giant corporations with billions of dollars in the bank, reveal their latest miracles. What will it be? A cure for cancer? A spaceship? A flying car? Jetpacks for everyone? All we know for certain is that it will be something astonishing.”

Tim Cook: β€œAnd building on the success of iOS 12, our most successful release ever, comes iOS 12.1, with 16 magical new emoji. Let’s take a moment to enjoy these spectacular new additions to the Apple emoji family, and savor their vibrant colors, and pixel-perfect details. The cucumber – breathtakingly, mouth-wateringly photo realistic, rendered using Apple’s patented TruVeg technology … And how about this charming pelican? Or the skateboarding hot-dog? And you can download them today, in the amazing iOS 12.1!”


Don’t you mean β€œ1201?”

Because that was pretty amazing.


Now that’s what Apple needs - a new connector!


Weeee. Are they still making shitty hardware with known flaws, refusing to properly warranty products unless sued, and refusing to let people fix their stuff?


Ok then, but we should keep buying their luxury priced goods, right?


β€œBecause fuck you. That’s why.”




Ironic that your gif features one of the most fan-boy of apple fan-boys! image


How about no shiny distraction within a week of incredibly important moments in participatory democracy (for thr USA)…




Dot one is where I upgrade our phones so good I guess.

Considering a new iPad but my iPad 3 is still going so cant really justify it, however if the new ones use USB C then I gotta figure out what current USB connector I can shed because I’ll still need lightning for my phone. Not really a big deal, I really should go under the desk and deal with the snake nest of cables and USB hubs down there.


Perhaps the β€œnew” iOS will stop breaking the one app that a phone really really needs to work… the Phone app.



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