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so we get 5G on iPhone, but will carriers remove data caps? Or are they just waiting for us to go over our limits get those added charges?

I just saw HomePod Mini and thought, “is that a Tenga masturbation toy?”

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No USB C charging brick

Because we all have one?

They should have included a voucher for one. Instead we have a useless cable.

I never heard of League of Legends until this presentation. Is it really the world’s #1 PC game?

Don’t call us, we’ll call you when my iPhone 6 dies.


My thoughts:

  • ( O R B )
  • Never thought Apple would ever actually cut the forehead and chin off of an iPhone 5 and drop in an edge-to-edge display, but I’m glad that my insistent complaining to the void has finally paid off. At last, a phone I actually want to upgrade to. (I’m still rocking a 1st-gen SE after I got fed up with the bulk of the 6, so the graphic showing the 12 mini is smaller than that form factor made me super happy).
  • I’m still frustrated by Apple’s apparent insistence that the camera bump is now a branding feature.
  • I also kind of wish they’d included the TouchID-enabled sleep/wake button from the latest iPad Air as an option on top of FaceID.
  • Between the front-page App Store features for PUBG over the past couple of weeks and them bringing in Riot to talk up the graphics performance of the A14, Apple has really been giving Epic the middle finger.
  • Not including wall warts or headphones in the box might be good for the environment, but it’s also great for Apple’s bottom line, 'cause the prices haven’t changed to account for their removal, and they can now charge extra if you need one. Capitalism!

It does sort of kill me that folks are still demanding that Apple switch the iPhone’s connector to USB-C, since the last time they changed the connector (after 10 years of 30-pin), the exact same crowd was up in arms over Apple “constantly” changing connectors to force obsolescence in the accessory market.

League is enormous. It’s regularly in the top 5 most-watched streams on Twitch. It doesn’t have quite the media saturation in the US that Fortnite does (oh, hey there Epic, how’s it going?), but it’s extremely popular.

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People are demanding that Apple switch the iPhone’s connector to USB-C because it is a standard.
Not having to deal with Apple’s proprietary connectors would make sense for everyone, except Apple.

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