Apple's Jonny Ive in Vogue


His sleek design strips out the redundant ‘n’ in his first name.


he’s finally hit the big time…

ugh… Jonny Ive has got to be the worst thing about Apple.

When Steve was alive Jonny’s desire to make the products different for the sake of being different was tempered by Steve micromanaging every little detail.

As soon as Steve died, Jonny finally got his shot at ‘making his mark’. He did so by ruining the UI of the next iOS release.

He shat all over the tried and true Apple Human Interface guidelines by favoring form over function. All the skeuomorphic cues, the drop shadows, and other affordances that took years to iterate were thrown out in an instant. A button in the UI used to resemble an actuall button, but Jonny didn’t think they looked modern enough, so he kicked all the useful, intuitive UI elements to the curb. Favoring instead muddy gray gradients, and buttons so minimalist you don’t know if it’s a button.

In his pursuit to be a distinctive ‘auteur’ he has ruined much of the “function leads to form” philosophy which made apple products so intuitive and great. I can’t wait till the day he leaves the company. I just hope there is something left.

Finally! An appropriate location to link with Jony Ive Redesigns Things.


It was an interesting read, but then they mentioned Bono and I had to stop.

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I loved this one


That whole tumblr makes me so happy! I mean —

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The Man is the Guru’s guru, or something

Gads. I just had a terrible thought - It was the horrible mental image of the genetic combination of Jony Ive and James Dyson.

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