Ive-designed camera expected to fetch $500,000-$750,000 at auction


I’m a trifle (not excessively; but a trifle) surprised that Ive would go for something like that.

In his work at Apple, it has always been the case that ‘design’ isn’t a sticker you slap on the surface. It’s something that pervades the product, in both structural and aesthetic aspects.

By doing a Leika rebadge, Ive is basically doing exactly the same thing that, say, an HP ‘Envy’ (of guess who?) does: take an off-the-shelf design and tart up the outer panels, maybe swap the plastics kit for some metal parts.

Totally different game. If ‘design’ was something you could wrap around a beige box full of commodity FRUs, nobody would have ever heard of Ive and Apple would be a footnote from the era where Mac OS classic was at least friendlier than DOS. It isn’t. That’s sort of the whole point.

And here he goes and ‘designs’ something by slapping an outer shell of ‘materials and textures associated with Ive’ around somebody else’s assembly. No integration. It’s an autoparodic product that critiques itself.


“Ive-designed camera” aka Samsung’s 2014 camera line-up.

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Those aren’t even photos, they’re renderings. I can tell by the pixels.

Also, what are the odds of another one surfacing later? About 100%. It’s really hard to make only one copy of a mass-produced object like that.

Heh, at first I was confused and thought Rob Beschizza must be a much bigger name than I thought if it can command prices like that for a tarted up POS Camera.


This story is an interesting juxtaposition to the many commented story on institutionalized poverty a few stories down.Yes, I know, blah blah blah charity.

That is, what, like … almost twice as expensive as a normal M series Lecia.


I wonder how Dieter Rams feels about all these knockoffs of his work :wink:


Still, the Mac Pro remained a classic PC design in its unsurprising rectangularity, only accomodated to suit the proximity of Knoll furniture. Nothing really new under the sun. Everything else is just creative babble to make believe there is a deeper idea. Nevertheless: still better than a Colani box :wink:

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Wonder no more :

" I have always regarded Apple products – and the kind words Jony Ive has said about me and my work – as a compliment. Without doubt there are few companies in the world that genuinely understand and practise the power of good design in their products and their businesses.[…]Apple and Vitsoe are relatively lone voices treating the discipline of design seriously in all corners of their businesses. They understand that design is not simply an adjective to place in front of a product’s name to somehow artificially enhance its value. "

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At least Colani was always good for a laugh.

BTW, what about Frog Design, they did a lot of early Apple design once buying an Apple didn’t mean having to build your own box for it.

A stock Leica M is a thing of genuine industrial beauty. The Ives redesign not so much.

Maybe it’s just hard to take something that is nearly perfect according to your own design principles and change it in a positive way.

Looks like a doorknob on a Norelco.

"looks like a cheap bluetooth speaker. "

That’s the genius part, nobody is going to steal that.

Until it’s recent morph into the Xeon Tube, the Pro certainly was the most PC-like Mac, in its reluctant pandering to people who needed things like ‘expansion cards’ and ‘multiple hard drives’; but the comparison between the cheese-grater Pro (PPC or Intel) and contemporary single and dual socket workstations from other vendors is still aesthetically pretty brutal.

Compare, say, the timeless beauty of the Dell Precision 490 dual-Xeon workstation (mid 2006)

With the internals of the G5 and Xeon based Mac Pro equivalents:

The P490 works just fine; but the wiring would shame your average gamer slap-together job, despite Dell having essentially arbitrary ability to get bits and pieces built to suit, in volume.

This “Ives” Leica is basically gluing the cheese-grater faceplate to the P490 and calling it a day.

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So you’re not impressed by the Leica M’s internals?

Alone, or in combination with the enclosure designed for them, yes. With a brushed-aluminum decal kit? Worth less to me than a stock model would be.

I’m not sure redesigning every button, and spending 2000+ hours on it is just a rebadge http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/10/4824290/jony-ive-leica-camera-took-nine-months-55-engineers-to-build

Undeniably. I have one of these Cheese Graters next to me right now, flanked by a PC with a not-so-ugly-at-all stealth fighter style design (a Sharkoon Vaya I think it’s called). I love the Mac Pro’s design. I just meant to say it wasn’t all too revolutionary. It certainly was a brilliant evolution in case design, the best thing about it being the sturdy metal handles on the bottom which allow me to tighten the Mac Pro to my desk with a motorbike lock :smiley:

I had a few Dell PCs sitting next to it and there one could really see the difference between something that tried to be elegant and something that was. Still love my Mac Pro and it’s gonna stay loked to my desk for some years to come.

Ooh, that’s even worse. 2000+ man-hours and the result still looks like just a rebadge… Brutal.