Famed product designer Marc Newson joins Jony Ive's team at Apple


Ive needs to hire somebody who can replace him, if he wants to move up in the organisation.

Well, they are now more than set for redesigning existing products… now they just need to start creating new products once again…

Wait, Bono is designing the new iPhone?

I had totally never heard of this guy, so:

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Haven’t heard from him either, but some of the stuff he made looks quite appealing to me. Especially the hourglass.

Some reminded me of Colani (so I wasn’t too surprised to read the monicker “biomorphism”), but in a good way.

He’s done some pretty cool stuff. This design alone makes me think that he’d be qualified to design some kind of Pad for Apple.

I’m still cross Ford never made his superbly orange concept car a reality:

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