Apples ranked

No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.

They also failed to include Gravensteins, which are great for making applesauce.

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(Spoiling the bunch.)

I have noticed it’s all about apples you eat (raw). I prefer apples for baking, cooking, making applesauce out of, and so on.

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The best apples are hard cider.

To be honest, I think people don’t spend the time to look for the perfect red delicious apple and just grab whatever’s at the top of the pile. If you just take the darkest red ones, almost purple, making sure there are no bruises and thump it with your finger to find the ones that sound almost hollow, you’ll get a good one. I keep them in the fridge so they don’t ripen any more and they are sweet and crisp

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I just tried the SweeTango (or however it’s spelled), and it was excellent.
But in September, our family stopped at a nearby orchard and (yeah) did the apple picking thing, and we discovered our new favorite: the Jonamac.
Holy kamoley, it’s perfect. It’s not widely available, and it is only available for a brief time each year, but if you like apple varieties, highest recommendations.

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