Website ranks apples from best to worst

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Huh, my childhood favorite is now the second worst, the Arkansas Black. “Like eating an uncooked russet potato” isn’t what I remember, nor their being particularly hard, and with a nice tartness and flavor. Mind you, I was eating them at my grandfather’s during the summer, so they’d have been in storage for many months, and were one of the few apples that would last that long just with cold storage. I tried to grow a few here in Virginia, but none of them survived the first year. I’d mail order a few if they weren’t over $10/lb that way – maybe I’ll see if I can get some bud wood and graft it to one of my existing trees.


Oh please :roll_eyes:


This site is complete crap. Ambrosia apples are great (and always some of the cheapest in the grocery store). Honey Crisp are highly inconsistent (old ones are just soft and gross). I have a Jonagold tree in my backyard that produces the sweetest and tartest apples I’ve ever tried. Envy’s are quite good. These are not opinions.

There’s not much I get worked up about, but apples are one of them.


New title: Website ranks apples from worst to worser


I’m not sure why it says you can view peoples’ ratings- this is a single person’s ratings, and the only input others can add are comments in each individual apple’s page.


Quite right

My old favorite were the fuji apples but discovered the envy by accident. They’re not 100% consistent (sometimes too mealy) but the best taste like a cross between a particularily great fuji and an asian pear


I just came there to write about the GS - more or less the only apple I consider.
Crispy, juicy, tangy, and bittersweet like the best things in life.
I always eat them full, skin and pips (large and almondy) included.
I tolerate Honeycrisp, but just barely.


If I want to eat a raw apple, Granny Smiths would probably be pretty far down my list. However, if I’m baking an apple pie, it is the only apple I will consider.


It’s Argue About Apples time again?

I would refer m’learned colleagues to my previous statements: Russet, then Cox’s Pippin. In that order (preferably, if not definitely, from South West England).


I think they’re trying to be funny. Failing, but trying.


I want to know where is he getting his apples from for his tests?
(There is a huge difference between getting them at the orchard as opposed to at the long end of the agribusiness supply chain.)


A recent-ish development in UK supermarkets is bags of ‘seasonal British apples’ (usually 6 per bag). It’s lucky dip, changing as the season goes on (and depending on what supplier has what varieties in what quantities, I guess) and a wide range of apples I’d never seen before has been sampled and enjoyed.

And as for that website, did they really need to put (name of) ‘Apples’ in every entry. I think we figured out they are apples! Very annoying.

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My wife spent yesterday peeling and cutting apples for holiday pies.

I have no idea what kind they are. I do know she just buys whatever is available, it’s not like there are many choices anymore at the grocery store.

We drink fresh carrot/apple juice every morning but that’s getting expensive. It takes about 4 whole apples, a pound of carrots, and a wedge of lemon to take the edge off the carrots for a couple decent glasses.

Those apples are whatever is cheapest.

They didn’t even include the best apple, which as everyone knows is the Pacific Rose.

The best apple I’ve had lately is a “First Kiss”, a new hybrid from the University of Minnesota. Sweet, tart, crisp, and with skin that doesn’t peel back your gums. I think it beats out their previous winners Honeycrisp and Zestar.

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Naturally, there’s an xkcd



Hell yeah granny smith!
My favorite apple. To be fair, it was the only non garbage apple regularly available to me as a kid (red and yellow delicious I’m looking at you) until gala started becoming common.
My wife hates GS, but i still love them.


Yeah, kind of amusing but the writing is really inconsistent. From the description of Fuji apples:

This mushy, rough-skinned, Japanese experiment […]

and then:

[…] it is beyond comprehension how this super-hard medieval weapon […]

So, which is it: mushy or super-hard?

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Not much, apparently.