Archer takes aim at its 13th season

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I liked Frisky Dingo, and loved Archer. At first I was a bit annoyed they strayed from the premise, but now like it for the variety.


Speaking of animated series cancelled before their time, after that Frisky Dingo trailer YouTube offered up a trailer for season 3 of Tuca and Bertie, which is how I learned that it was resuscitated after Netflix unceremoniously killed it. Though not on a service I actually have, apparently, which I guess is how I missed it.

As for Archer, I’m looking forward to the new season, but I can’t shake the feeling that Archer minus Mallory is going to be a bit like The Office minus Michael Scott.


(I’m not sure about what)

PS: Space phrasing!
(Nope, still not sure)

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All I know about this season is that Jesse Thorn is in the first scene of the first episode.

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As much as I love Archer I’m not subscribing to Hulu to watch the show.

I just looked and it’s on FXX, too. So if you’re still using cable or satellite provider, and they carry FXX, you’re good.

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