Archie Bunker's 1970s rant sounds eerily identical to today's GOP platform

Not at all polite, but Archie has a descendant -

Pretty good; if you remember that Carroll O’Connor was a liberal.


That comment you are replying to made zero sense.


I was not aware of this. What was the context? Do you have any further information?

Satire and other kinds of humor seem to mystify many on the far right. And what they do think is funny often makes me cringe in their hatred and cruelty.


I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. My takeaway would be that today’s American 48-year-olds generally do look younger than O’Connor and Stapleton did in the series debut. Part of it is the clothes they wore (Edith was deliberately costumed as dowdy for the time), part of it was a lot more smoking, part of it was different attitudes toward diet and exercise, and part of it was having kids earlier.

I was genuinely surprised in my 20s when I did the math and figured out the characters’ ages. I’d always assumed they were a decade older.

ETA: perhaps the most jarring thing for a Millennial watching the show: a blue collar worker who never graduated high school earning enough money to be a homeowner in NYC. Yes, kids, it’s not a Friends-style TV fantasy – this was actually possible in America before the 1980s!


Seems like more contrived ‘generational divide’ BS.


It’s been a few decades and I can’t find anything specific about that one, but apparently he used a lot of song snippets completely contrary to the theme of the song. (See: Rush Limbaugh vs Rage Against the Machine.)

I do recall that the bumper used the line of “… doing the best things so conservatively.” Ironic given the song was intended as mocking of conservatives.

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Ironic, indeed.

Dad’s dead? Ooh - money.

" And he hopes to grab his fathers loot
When pater passes on"

This is my favorite line - The simple minded lust vs the fact that Mommy picks out the girlfriend / wife.

" And he adores the girl next door
'Cause he’s dying to get at her
But his mother knows the best about
The matrimonial stakes"


Yes, but much, much more so as far as TDUDP. Lear worked hard to deliver his liberal messages which, to me, were stupendously obvious. But TDUDP’s creator, Johnny Speight – if his genuine goal was social satire – seemed not able to deliver much more than a type of humor limited to a certain questionable taste.

BTW: Many years ago, Lear and Speight bumped heads during a televised interview/discussion. Where Lear was clearly unhappy with Speight’s defense of TDUDP’s methodology, the constantly grinning Speight came off as happily oblivious of how his own show could ever be criticized. If the latter had been a surgeon, he would have gone at a swollen appendix with an axe… and miss it.

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