Archie McPhee's Rubber Chicken Museum opens in Seattle

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I can personally attest to the quality of Archie McPhee Rubber Chickens. They were our source for our production of the Rubber Chicken Players - and I still have boxes and boxes of them in our shop. If I ever give up this puppeteering racket I’m gonna go get a job with them. Rubber Chickens rule.


There’s more here if you want to abuse your senses further - and still more awaiting completion. Huzzah to Archie McPhee!

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Everybody dance!


I’m sure Arthur Miller would have approved of your take on the material.


I adore Archie McPhee’s and was very excited by your headline - and was as a result rather disappointed by the story. They haven’t created a museum, they erected an in-store display. It looks cool and fun, and I’d normally enjoy reading a story about a giant rubber chicken (or for that matter a story about Archie McPhee’s), but was disappointed that contra the tease there was no museum. They’ve had large-scale in-store displays going back 30 years to their previous location on Stone Way.

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But can you get one with a pulley in the middle?


I was always more of a giant cockroach fan, but now I look on the AM site I’m not seeing it?!? How dare they change their stock in the past thirty years and not consult me…

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I remember visiting the original store when we lived in Seattle briefly in 1989. I was in heaven there. The catalogs and website just aren’t the same as being there.

It was cool seeing the giant rubber chicken statue WIP photos, and it’s fun seeing the Svengoolie contribution.


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