These Mac 'n' Cheese Candy Canes are selling out fast


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Stay weird Archie McPhee…


You know, though Archie McPhee does continue to offer many wonderful things, I really miss the OLD Archie McPhee - before they manufactured their own stuff, when they would get weird lots of surplus from wherever and figure out wacky new ways to repurpose them or just sell them straight-up with great marketing blurbs. Old artillery optics, Soviet submarine clocks - heck, the Punching Nun puppet they now make themselves was originally an overstock of Maggie Thatcher heads they stuck onto boxing-puppet bodies with a wimple, if I recall correctly.


I still have my 60’s protest buttons… :slight_smile:
They do have a lot of the surplus/overstock stuff at the store just not in the catalog.


Nice to hear; I haven’t been to the store since shortly after they moved from their funky old original location.


My favorite Archie McPhee purchase… around 3 decades ago.



Are we all just going to ignore the fact that David Wahl has the best corporate title in the history of corporate titles? Director of Awesome is going to look great on any resume.


Sounds like Ax-Man in the Twin Cities. Worth a visit if you’re in the area and you like that sort of thing :smiley:


Thanks, we will!


Employee of Archie McPhee here.

Love to have you visit us in Wallingford! It’s the perfect time to do it, we’re decorated for Halloween with a giant Franken-Bibo on the front counter.


That momma rat is so happy! I still have mine as well.


To be honest, they let me pick my own title. Shana, the other director, is The High Priestess of Rubber Chickens.


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