Archive of ads that appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch in the 1980s

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While a sailing man in the old century, in Panama you could get a Casio watch knock-off for a whopping $2.00 US, they always had some variation of the Casio spelling using other letters, the quality was shit, but it’s two bucks after all.

P.S. The knockoff version of a Sony WalkMan was call Senior Walky in that neck off the woods, they were like $5.00…

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Ah, the good old days when you could buy a new econo car for just a touch more than a new PC.


We had an actual High School newspaper in the mid-1970’s and my Journalism class included working on the paper. At the end of the semester we all got bound copies of every paper which was nice.

Nicer was that I remembered I still had them 40 years later when I heard there was a reunion. Lots of the ads featured many of the students “modeling” clothes for local stores and also there was the Head Shop and the Record Stores ads as well as for other stores and restaurants that were no longer around that students worked at.

So I started scanning them and posting them to the class FB group in advance. People freaked out and just loved it.


Consumer electronics have really dropped in price.

  • That IBM was the equivalent of $11,190 today.
  • The Mac, $6,666.
  • I’d consider $777 for a VCR overpriced even today.

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Richmond was metric in the 1980ies?
Was this a communist plot to undermine the Reagan administration?

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