Are these the five best end credits of all time?


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They mentioned A Series of Unfortunate Events, which had end credits imaginative enough that it made me wish the entire movie had been done that way.

I was also glad to see The Hangover mentioned briefly – its credits were possibly the funniest part of the movie, and the payoff to the whole film.


Wow these videos are annoying. I don’t suppose they could just give us the great endings without all the yammering? (Number five starts at 2:24.)


The list is, as the BB article says, kind of arbitrary. They’re more interested in discussing types of end credits than ranking them. If you really can’t be bothered Andrea was kind enough to list them for you.


Well, I did FF a lot.


I agree with Wall-E, that was the first one that came to mind.

(ETA: Actually, Dancing Baby Groot was the first thing I thought of, but that wasn’t actually in the end credits)

(ETA @mister44 - great idea, and as far as I’m concerned that whole album is lit.)


While the credits aren’t exactly creative I do like James Whale’s “A Good Cast Is Worth Repeating” when the credits are re-done at the end, such as here in Frankenstein, although Karloff only gets credited once.


If I ever made a movie, I wanted this song to start at the last shot, maybe with it zooming out slowly as a God shot, and going into the credits.


I really adored the end credits for Prisoner of Azkaban. I also love the method for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

One that is an awful lot of fun from something very recent is the end credits extended Chris Hemsworth dance sequence in Ghostbusters.


No Jackie Chan?


You should probably watch the video. I suggest starting at 6:28.


Other than #2, no! He was shut-out of the other four spots. SAD!

Glad Buckaroo Banzai got a mention.


I’m for this one.

“The Blind Swordsman Zatoichi” Takeshi Kitano
It’s been a long time but I seem to remember the movie being fairly somber to this point.


i was surprised there was no mention of the credits for the Cannonball Run movies. Dom Deluise is brilliant.


Alas, I am at work. :frowning:


although he said “across the ninth dimension,” for some reason.

I FF’d a lot, but I didn’t see the one I immediately thought of, Dr. Lector disappearing into the street scene in The Silence Of The Lambs. Its director, Jonathan Demme, also does a really neat ending credit sequence to his film Something Wild, and his opening credits to Married To The Mob were pretty memorable, too.

I found the Something Wild one but the context of who the woman is is missing without the final scene, so I put that in too

set up:
(this re-capitulates an earlier plot point, so spoilers, I guess, but it wouldn’t really ruin the movie IMO)

and then the credit sequence:



The title is misleading - these are NOT the 5 BEST ending credit scenes.
These are 5 examples of DIFFERENT STYLES of credit scenes, such as bloopers, extending the story, etc.


Glad they mentioned Jackie Chan’s use of bloopers (which he lifted from his early US work in Cannonball Run) but major negative points to them for using the english title of the film and not recognizing that it is actually the second Drunken Master film (and that the original had a very distasteful scene at the end right before the credits)



I was preemptively mad until Ferris Bueller came up. Maybe the most memorable, recognizable and important end credits scene ever. And influential. It opened the door for the flood we have now where people are afraid to leave the theater for fear of missing something not just entertaining, but important.

And come on. It’s the 8th dimension.

Otherwise, great video!