Dire Straits' "Walk of Life" is the best ending to any movie


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No, it just isn’t the best ending to any movie.



Gotta say, you might be on to something there.


That made me smile, I’m not certain why. I saw 2001 about a dozen times as a kid, and Dire Straits were definitely a “thing” in the 80s. I guess not all nostalgia is painful.


These are wonderful.


Brilliant. Well, brilliant in a “Now I can never watch those films again” sort of way.


Tried it with Pink Flamingos. Checks out.


Like repeating a word over and over, the song ceases to have meaning after watching a few of those.

2001 was great, though.


Nope. Ending Mystery Men with Smash Mouths “All Star” was perfection, and cannot be improved on. It is Number One. All others are Number Two, or lower.


i think they meant to say that it’s the WORST ending to any movie.


The RoboCop ending with “Walk of Life” is pretty awesome.

I’d buy that for a dollar!


ugh! spoiler alert! :rage:


These were great, except Star Wars didn’t work for me. It just felt like the wrong soundtrack was playing.

During The Shining, a message popped up, “Buy or rent on Youtube.” Is this a thing now? Are these videos for sale? Does the author get a cut? If I rent it, will I have a different experience of watching it?


This is over now.




My brother had a project once, to choose and analyze a song. He chose “The walk on by” by dire straits, after listening to the song multiple times and arguing about the meaning of different lines someone finally found the lyrics (and song name) in the dust flap… We had some rewriting to do.


I thought it worked better when they used this DIre Straits classic.


Congratulations. You are the first person who has ever successfully rickrolled me.


Well, I got one, and thank you for sparing the others. :wink:


Just a thank you? Doesn’t throwing myself on top of the link to spare others get me a Medal of Honor or something? Oh well.