Are VPNs blocked by bbs?

Recently I resubscribed to PIA, a VPN that I originally heard about here. When I went to log in afterward, I got an error message “You can’t login from that IP address”. After disconnecting the VPN, trying to login gave an “Unknown error” but a page refresh fixed it and then I was able to login fine. I reconnected to the VPN after logging in and things seem to be working ok (stayed logged in, pages load).

Certainly not all of them. I’m using one right now.

I’m using it to pretend to be @Papasan .


We don’t block them by default, but sometimes spammers use them, and the system blocks their IP addresses.

Those blocks aren’t permanent (they fall off when they no longer see activity from those IPs), but but if a spammer keeps using them, they’ll stay on the list.

If your service has multiple exit points, you can try another.


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