Are we rationing "Likes" a.k.a. "hearts" again?


Is this a return to an earlier policy? Accidental reversion to earlier code?

Am I just too promiscuous with my hearts?


@orenwolf can elaborate but yes. The large like limit we previously enjoyed was breaking things so yes it is a much smaller number now.


Id :heart: you but, you know… don’t want to run out of likes.


I have to wait another 11 minutes, but I :heart: d you :heart_eyes:



I’m curious what it was breaking. I’m also wondering about the removal of background images on “user cards”. Is this really a technical limitation?





We need an explanation, pronto!


NOOOOO! Not my “Banned” user card background. ;-;


Something with the database which I would believe him on. This is Discourse’s biggest instance so we tend to stress test things.
I was wondering about the usercards and profile backgrounds as well.

Hey @orenwolf can we get a better technical explaination here please?


Laura Ingraham warned us.


Surely you’re joking. :wink:


It’s not just here, it’s also hit Elsewhere.

The usercard removal, that is





Guess it didn’t hit elsewhere, just here.


stops cloning git repo


I still have my user card elsewhere, but lost it here around the time we started losing images, so I assumed it was related and maybe just not fixed yet.

Edited to add: when I go to edit my profile, it shows my user card image is still there, it just doesn’t show up on my profile. Which is odd… but I don’t program so I can’t explain it.


So I dug into it a little further, seems like one of the rented amazon servers responsible for hosting images here was changed and the part of Discourse that points to it didn’t get the memo. Observe:


Old Server

@orenwolf @codinghorror:

not sure where in this instance you need to update the file host name location, but yeah, probably needs to be done.

Issue with some graphics not displayed

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I love that orb but I would take a sobering 10°F over a lobotomizing ninety-whatever-the-fuck°F it is right now where I am.

You Pacific Northwesterners, of course, almost never deal with either (nor, for that matter, the shiny glow orb itself about sixty percent of the year).


Heh, I’m adding Discourse System Stress Tester to my resume.