Are you a TI (Targetted Individual)

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This looks like a diagram of my life!


• Treated like a Targeted Individual?
• Attacked by Psychotronic Weapons?
• Subjected to Psychic or Spiritual Attacks?
• Subject to Remote Brain Manipulation?
• Have you been chipped or implanted?
• Subjected to Electronic Harassment?
• Exposed to HAARP ELF Microwave beams?
• Subject of Voice to Skull experiments?
• Subjected to Remote Viewing & Visions?
• Are you on a TI list being Monitored?

I’m attacked, spiritually, every day, at work. And while I haven’t been chipped, I DO have a lot of papercuts. Do I qualify?

EDIT: This is a <img src= title=“HOTTER THEN THE SON”> question.

  1. Yes
  2. You made up that word
  3. Only physical

In my case wouldn’t a sword be a better defense?


A stone sword stuck in a lake? That’s a different approach.


I can get’er out. Just need to grab the backhoe…


Absolutely not. Everyone who’s anyone knows that you should immediately cover yourself in peanut butter (BUT NO CHOCOLATE ALLOWED) and start on the recommended dosage of jumping at least six babies (live babies this time, @japhroaig) an hour.


But have you seen THIS?


How would I know if I was subjected to Remote Viewing? I mean, I assume I have, but until Snowden leaks the full MKUltra files, none of us will know.


Do all the movies I watch count as that? Stuff like Rat Fink a Boo Boo and The Beast Of Yucca Flats are definitely weapons grade.


I think the real social influencers have ample cover, because of these sorts of concepts… the “usual suspects”.

Maybe those really in charge, are in charge from a sort of conglomerate, ‘collective unconscious’, singularity level of being lead experimenters on the forefront of ‘progressive’, tomorrow ideals? And maybe the knuckle draggers don’t have the sort of power they like to think they have, and who many of their enemies may believe they have?

I was forced to become a TI when I took maths at school.


Oh my god, this amazing. I could travel down that rabbit hole of paranoia all day.

Weirdly, I’m ok with this. So long as they only claim to cure nonsense disorders.

After all what could be more perfect than a hypochondriac cure to a hypochondriac malady?


Once I worked in a store. Guy comes in to complain about lawyers reading his mind. Every time he passes a lawyer on the street they turn their briefcase towards him and read his mind. So a colleague tells the guy he needs to put tinfoil on his head to block the mind control rays.

A few months later, the same guy comes in, wearing a hat. He shows us that he lined it with tinfoil. He told us that the lawyers still turn their briefcases, but they can’t read his mind anymore.

I was left with the feeling that my colleague actually helped this person. It was very strange.


The placebo effect is pretty fascinating eh?

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I’d employ some sort of quantum entanglement process so that once they know, I know that they know. The easiest way around this is for them to wear containment suits filled with lube, so that the quanta slip off of them. But this has the benefit of making their operatives quite easy to spot from a distance.

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Problem, officer?

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Those voices in your head are probably just intersecting sound lasers.


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Excuse you, my bard is a half-elf, and it’s a lyre, not a harp.

The microwave beams were all me though. Heat Metal for the win.


Have you seen this?

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That’s fucking amazing. Where are they plz?