Are YouTubers good or bad for the sport of boxing?

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It’s a Schrödinger’s cat of the sports world, in that it’s both impossibly popular and less relevant than ever.

Heisenberg’s cat?

Jake Paul is bad for humanity, so…


My first instinct is always like “ugh, fighting as sport, I just don’t see the appeal” but then I remember that I like hockey.


As the old joke goes, “I went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out”. :grimacing::canada:


I thought youtube was for unboxing videos.


So they’re concerned that they will tarnish the reputation of boxing?

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I’m amazed that in a post that begins with the above line any posts in this thread that question the ethics of the sport of boxing are getting removed for being “off topic.”

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I suppose if we want to discuss that we should start our own topic. Heaven forfend any topic should examine the content of the post in a less than fully agreeable way.

Honestly, I’m more focused on how good boxing is for YouTubers:

A totally consensual mechanism to encourage the most irksome attention junkies of the platform to opt into potentially serious facial and neurological damage is a thing of genius. All the punchable people getting punched; none of the vigilante violence or assault charges.

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I mean I think boxing is pretty dumb in general, but I’m fine with anything where Jake Paul gets punched.

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