Arizona is about to get its first statewide teachers' strike

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I hope so but I doubt it. I think of Ontario where teachers have been used as a political villain by successive governments of red and blue stripes (though recall that in non-US countries red and blue are reversed). Teachers spend too much of their own money on things for the classroom, they put in too many “volunteer” hours doing parts of their job they aren’t paid to do, they take too much flak from the public.

Still, they make above average salaries and get a range of benefits. I think the red states are showing us just how badly you can treat teachers before they finally snap. Teachers care deeply about their students, and it takes a lot to make them break and expose those students to the dispute. It’s hard to give priority to the long term health of the system when you feel your duty is to the immediate wellbeing of children you see every day. Even though teachers have been mistreated by “the left” I think their willingness to endure that kind of punishment is extremely high.

It’s the tragedy of the commons but in the case the “commons” that is being abused is our love of children and our care for the future.


Teachers, man oh mannnnischewitz !

REO-FORED? What’s that supposed to say?


At this point one of the main concerns is that art teachers, PE teachers and ancilliary staff are not receiving the full 20% raise as well. Maybe the teachers who were offered that 20% raise can take some of it and spread it around. Take a 12% raise and spread that other 8% around.

Hope my boss walks in today and says “I’m giving you a 20% raise.
Oh, and you only have to work 9 months out of the year!”

“…refusing to be divided and conquered.”

That’s really the key now, isn’t?

A lot of support for the teachers down here in Tucson!

You are aware that ALL teachers, including Art and PE work their asses off throughout the school year, with hours lasting more than 40 per week, with having to buy their own supplies for themselves AND students, and teaching in over-crowed / under funded classrooms. Support staff of janitors, bus drivers and the lot all deserve to be paid more as well. Apparently, these same teachers having 3 months ‘off’ makes you jealous. That’s your issue, don’t drag the teachers down to your hole. But thanks for joining BB and tossing in your two cents worth of talking points to try to discredit the teaches and their efforts. Your effort, I’m sorry to say, is only worth a D-


Are you aware that a lot of teachers take summer jobs to help pay for all the things they need for their classrooms that their regular salary and the school systems won’t cover?


Teachers work more than that. School starts here the first of August and ends at the end of May. In the north, they start the first of September and work through June. Teachers put in another week before and after the students, too. Those two months or less off are filled with required “voluntary” training and planning sessions.


Red for Ed, actually.

The issue is that the entire educational system (at least in Arizona) is massively underfunded- If teachers have kids, often the kids qualify for the free lunch program, because the teachers don’t make enough money. Teachers also often times have to buy their own classroom supplies as the district doesn’t have the funds to buy supplies; or maintain improve the buildings, for that matter. text books (yes, they are still used) are woefully out of date, computers are generally either outdated or in such small supply as to be ineffective teaching aids. I can go on, but I think you get the point.


And if your pay and benefits had been reduced by even more than that over the last few years you’d probably still want to punch them in the nose and say, “Where’s the rest, bitch?”


Go to school and get a teaching degree and you too can enjoy that glorious life as well, if you don’t switch careers after teaching for just a few years as so many do. Why anyone would willingly give up all of that money, free time, prestige and privilege is a mystery to me!


What else do you hope for? Let’s talk about your hopes and dreams and what can be done to help you make them a reality.

-Your New, Food-secure Teacher


Nah. That’s a full blown F (for fucking stupid). trolley.


Or give them all 20% and actually fucking tax corporations.

Would you care to pull out any other old anti-teacher tropes? Might as well get them all out at once.

Reality: Most teachers need to have summers off so they can work jobs that actually pay a living wage.


I hope you don’t work in such deplorable conditions that rather than accept a 20% raise you decide it would be better to participate in a 5-state-wide strike.


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