Arizona residents can now download driver's license and state ID in their Apple Wallets

Originally published at: Arizona residents can now download driver's license and state ID in their Apple Wallets | Boing Boing

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AZ prints your license & license plates at their DMV too. How does a backward place like this do it?

P.S. Dear Wife and I are still waiting for our license plates near 10 months here in California…

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They print you a temporary license plate to put on your vehicle until the permanent metal plate shows up in the mail a week or so later, actually.

as far as a license card? it’s possible, the card printers are small enough to put in the offices.

They just hand it to you in the tag office here in GA…


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Thankfully, I got my new CA driver’s license in under two weeks. I didn’t even get tested for my transfer from my Texas DL, the CA DMV has been so short-staffed due to COVID (according to the DMV rep who finalized my license).


Ha! Speak of the Devil, just now opened the mail, both plates finally came. The every 90 days back to Cal DMV for another paper temp plate is over…


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In NJ, they can print at the office. My DL had a fun printer error and it was all kinds of screwed up (like even scanlines were 50% shifted left, odd lines word-wrapped ) - i asked if I could keep the bad one and they wouldn’t let me. Boo.

My renewal was mailed though.

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So you need an Apple device to get digital IDs?So people who can’t afford Apple devices or don’t want them are just left out?

why no California! :frowning: I suspect some anti-tech lobby in Sacramento is to blame.

How about Arizona takes $20 per $300 smart watch and use that to help provide free IDs to people who need it to vote?

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Colorado released a mobile app for both Apple and Android where you can access a digital version of your drivers license, vaccination records, insurance info, car registrations and even your fishing license. It’s not integrated with Apple Wallet yet but sounds like that’s right around the corner.

If a government (which is elected, accountable, and has legal requirements for transparency) did this, the Right would freak out. Yet when opaque private companies taking control of all your personal data and create tracking systems, people enthusiastically sign on.

I’ve long said the difference between left and right in the US is whether you trust corporations or governments more. Why anyone trusts corporations is beyond me. We’ve spent thousands of years building robust democracies to be trustworthy, then America throws it all away and hands it to billionaires instead.


There is no good reason why we should have to provide identification to the TSA to get to the gates for our flights. Their job is to ensure that passengers have a ticket/boarding pass and that we’re not bringing weapons into the “secure” area.

Making an identity check part of the process does not enhance security. The no fly list is unconstitutional BS. Either you have enough evidence to charge someone with a crime or you have to let them exercise the same rights as everyone else.

Identity checking at TSA checkpoints exists for (1) security theater, (2) apprehending suspects who have outstanding warrants, and (3) buttressing the airline industry by making it difficult to resell a ticket. On the whole, having the airlines collect identity information at purchase time makes people less secure by creating massive caches of data that useful for identity fraud. Air Marshalls are more likely to be arrested than to make an arrest.


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