Arizona, the most "pro-life" state in America, "one of the worst states in the union" for child health

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Well, sure. The cops would have known that the protest was OK if it had imitated the 1/6 Capitol “protest:” their kind of people. As in, going heavily armed according to the other landmark ruling last week.


Let’s do some simple math that even a politician understands.

Suppose that the aggrieved party (the unwilling “expectant” mother) were to sue for alimony and child support against these legislators, and their PAC funds.

There is probably some law on the books that protect politicians for their legislative activities, but likely nothing that protects their PACs. While the plaintiff is unlikely to succeed, at least the PAC funds could be held in escrow until the case settles. With luck (and there is no quick settlement), that will happen after the election, and hopefully with a positive outcome on that election.


The motivation for passing anti-abortion laws is purely punitive. Being anti-abortion is about punishing women* (for having sex, for being women**), as are all the other policies (or lack thereof - e.g. lack of paid leave) that make those states bad for children and families. So yeah, it’s totally consistent.

*And let us not, for even one second, pretend otherwise.
**Or for being trans men, but I feel like conservatives work really hard to ignore the entire existence of trans men for the most part.


As someone that has to spend a fair amount of time in AZ for a variety of reasons… fuck Doug Ducey.
Part of the problem also is that the demographics in that state skew old and conservative. Boomers and older. They also attract a ton of snowbirds that skew exactly the same way.


I will state that there are pockets of resistance, and we do occasionally do the Right thing. I’m not defending him though- there’s a reason we refer to him as “El Duce” or Governer ‘drop a’ Duce, and the article is a good example why.


I will also state - I didn’t mean my comment as a blanket assessment of AZ. There is a lot of things I do like about it, including the natural beauty. The desert and the higher elevations. I also really like the food scene in PHX. :slight_smile:


If anyone needs any help pronouncing my governors name, let me know. :smirk:

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Seeing as I don’t agree with about 90% of what the governor in my state says, I usually pronounce it as “douche-y”, because that’s what he is- a douche-bag.


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