Armed standoff on House Floor between Trump mob and Congress police

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Today’s events erase all doubts: if you wear that red MAGA cap you are a supporter of fascist terrorists. Period endstop.


My money says all these bozos get a pardon on Jan 19th.


There better be some arrests over the next few days.


I think that Trump would have a stroke trying to sign that number of Pardons; plus these are “little people” why would Trump bother about them :frowning:


Why? They’re white.

/s, obviously. Sadly.


He can do a pardon for a whole class of people, that’s how Carter pardoned “draft dodgers” as a group

and in fact this kind of … transaction is the original purpose of the pardon power

in seasons of insurrection or rebellion, there are often critical moments, when a welltimed offer of pardon to the insurgents or rebels may restore the tranquillity of the commonwealth

according to Alexander Hamilton anyway


“Bastille Day” is taken. WTF are we going to call this?


Maybe… maybe… not. Depends on what they’re charged with and how Congress chooses to handle the crimes.


That’d only make sense if the insurrection was for some kind of justifiable reason.

This one was because “I believe conspiracy theories and wanna be violent.”

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These bozos will still face state charges if there is evidence the insurrection was planned.


Had two friends from Second Life with some strange observations.

The first was a southern republican of all people who hated Trump from the get go. He’s absolutely concerned that fascists are taking over the party and he’s basically checking out. He’s an old fart so he’s been around the block. I feel for him in the way that I feel for someone who’s just been living in a bubble but at the same time this is where conservativism leads in my opinion.

The second was utterly confusing. He some how thinks being an anarchist is the same as being a Stalinist or a state capitalist. At least as much I could glean. Then he thinks I’m right wing because I don’t trust the government OR corporations which I’m like… “Have you read Proudhon yet? Or even Bookchin? Come on!” And he legit thinks that there was mass voter fraud (my other friend balked at that cause the example used was seeing a lady have to scan a ballot multiple times cause you know OCR isn’t exactly reliable even in 2020).

This has been one wild time for me seeing who believes what and who if it ever came to civil unrest would probably side with me (me with an old fart southern republican who’s had enough vs a half drunk college professor who thinks OCR scanners are reliable).


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