Armie Hammer has already launched his post-cannibal kink redemption campaign

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I guess women should feel relieved that he doesn’t seem to have yet inherited enough money to set up his own Epstein Island to cater to his proclivities.

Not that an island is completely necessary to so engage.

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Fucking hell, I only made it through a couple of paragraphs on this one. :nauseated_face:

I hope he dies in a fire leaving an inedible corpse.


I heard about him trying to blame cancel culture a few weeks ago for his career taking a nose dive from this.

He really was trying to make an appeal to the folks who think Hollywood is full of cannibal cultists.


I don’t really care enough about the dude to have a strong opinion. I remember being disappointed when the scandal broke because then there was zero chance of getting a Man from U.N.C.L.E. sequel, but since it wasn’t a blockbuster (made $107M off of an $85M budget) it probably wasn’t going to be greenlit for a sequel anyway.

What is the glass floor for if not to give wealthy white guys chance after chance at redemption after their serial screw-ups and scandals?


I feel like the line between kink-shaming and valid criticism is “did he have consent”.
By the sounds of it he did have consent, and even as a child of privilege, I don’t think he deserves all the hate. If it’s between consenting adults, it’s fine.

Sounds like it’s a competition between him and Ezra Miller for being the worse human being in Hollywood. I’m sure there’s worse but those that are public these two really are in a league of their own.


How incredibly compassionate of you; feeling such sympathy for the alleged perp rather than the alleged victims.


You know, sometimes just saying things to people should only be done after they’ve consented to talking about them. I am sure this is very, very far in that category. Go up to someone and start talking about how hot their corpse would be and you deserve all the mace you get.


Sure. violent abuse is just fine.

It’s only women, after all… not someone important like a guy who comes from wealth and makes a living pretending to be other people… /s

Harvey Weinstein left a big hole to fill…


Here’s the thing about massive power imbalances…


Just because the police did not press charges against him doesn’t mean he wasn’t abusive… :woman_shrugging:


I mean, if my kink is sexually harassing people on the street with words, regardless of their consent … it’s still sexual harassment.

But that is the delicate line I tried to thread in the podcast. He is still a human, and frankly, the earliest revelations about his kinks made him mostly more endearing to the public.

When his career finally imploded, it was a confluence of a bunch of poor decisions. Which, to be fair, may be due to addiction and mental health problems! And I certainly think that people struggling with those things deserve second chances. But I also don’t think anyone is entitled to being a celebrity billionaire. After Hammer got out of rehab, it sounds like he had a job in the Caymans where he grew up, and that he was being a good dad to his kids. That’s hardly the worst comeuppance that someone can suffer from.


I Mean Come On GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

None of which excuses abusing others. Plenty of people struggle with addition and mental health, and somehow manage to not abuse others. I’d suggest that his wealth and status as an up and coming star made him feel like he could abuse others with impunity.

He could also accept responsibility for how he hurt others, but he seems to just be blaming his addition for it, rather than taking ownership of how he hurt others…


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