Art Director dice

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Link is broken. They have a nice 404 page, though, which is appreciated.


I should get these for my colleagues who are always asking for “designer input” on their powerpoints and such. The “add more white space” side alone could replace 90% of those conversations.


I liked the Deadline candle in the catalogue except it comes in a jar so you can’t light both ends.

Actually heard an art director tell a colleague that they could do “anything they wanted, as long as it was beautiful”… You’ll never guess how that went!


Link fixed - sorry about that.


For those with poor eyesight, here’s what the cubes say:

Art Director: make it work :small_blue_diamond:use Gotham :small_blue_diamond: round those corners :small_blue_diamond: too vintage :small_blue_diamond: add some texture :small_blue_diamond: push it further :small_blue_diamond: too much whitespace :small_blue_diamond: too modern :small_blue_diamond: simplify :small_blue_diamond: is that is? :small_blue_diamond: give it personality :small_blue_diamond: more detail :small_blue_diamond: less decoration :small_blue_diamond: start over :small_blue_diamond:make it bigger :small_blue_diamond: blah blah blah :small_blue_diamond: just get it done :small_blue_diamond: approved :small_blue_diamond: more color :small_blue_diamond: make it modern yet traditional

Art Director II: Approved :small_blue_diamond: bump it up 5% :small_blue_diamond: not original enough :small_blue_diamond: zoom out :small_blue_diamond: add more white space :small_blue_diamond: is that Helvetica :small_blue_diamond:what is this? :small_blue_diamond: was that intentional :small_blue_diamond: the client will kill us :small_blue_diamond: I’ve seen it before :small_blue_diamond:give it some personality :small_blue_diamond: cortado time :small_blue_diamond: can you change everything :small_blue_diamond: more! more! :small_blue_diamond: wow :small_blue_diamond: try something new :small_blue_diamond: it’s fine :small_blue_diamond: *crickets* :small_blue_diamond: too trendy :small_blue_diamond: I’ll know it when I see it

And here’s a PDFs to print your own: Pocket Art Director II and Pocket Art Director

To properly roll these dice, you also need a glass table, a credit card, a dollar bill and some coke (during lockdown, it’s also ok if you just crush some of your kids’ Ritalin with a kitchen knife and then snort it)


Pocket Developer is on point.

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