Article about legendary keyboard maker Cherry's 50-year-history

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Funny enough, when I think of Cherry switches I think of arcade buttons first. Must be all those days of researching and finally building MAME cabinets.

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The Atari fire buttons by Cherry are the coolest.



Ok, that video was cool, but the diagrammatic illustration at the top of the article is tickling a lot of my hell yes! neurons.

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When I was quite young one of my mom’s best friends was an Atari engineer, and he would bring me such switches and buttons to play with. :slight_smile:


I was typing on Cherry keyboards back in the seventies, before it was cool.

There were also C.P. Clare reed switch keyboards, which were quieter.


I remember Cherry microswitches from the 1967 ISA show at the NY Coliseum. A friend of mine’s father worked for Fairchild Instruments and gave us freebie tickets for the show. They probably would let a couple of 12 or 13 year olds in nowadays, but back then it wasn’t a problem. Cherry microswitches had a great feel. They were lovely to press and release. They were also a lot smaller and worked with less force than the kind of switches we could find at hardware stores or hobbyist shops. That was also the show where I first saw Nixie tubes and a Wang digital calculator that used them. It was pretty amazing.


Mechanical keyboard with blue Cherry MX switches (and PBT keycaps), and a laser printer: two best things I’ve bought in the last 5 or 6 years.

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