Article - The Uncomfortable Truth About Campus Rape Policy

I found this a very interesting - and disturbing - article. I have no first hand knowledge of US university administration (I’m from the UK).

The most disturbing for me is the one where the “victim” is adamant that everything was consensual and there was no problem, but the university authorities refuse to believe her.

This is always a difficult subject. Some of the tales I have read on BB have shocked me in how much the deck was stacked towards the perpetrator, and it seems like these rules were a reaction to similar events. However it seems like - for some universities - things may have gone too far the other way.

Would be interested to hear other’s thoughts.

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As you noted, this is a complex and difficult subject.

After story after story in which victims were completely ignored or silenced, Universities have been forced to confront a social issue that we a a country have allowed to remian woefully unaddressed, poorly handled, and rarely prosecuted.

In this respect, schools are finding themselves in uncharted territory. It’s not unthinkable that their new policies might need adjustment.

But I am worried that about certain kinds of overcorrection, and apprehensive about their abilities to draft workable policies given the lack of understanding and attention to the subject in the general population.

ETA: Of course they have to keep trying.


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