For decades, it was an open secret that patients of USC's only full-time gynecologist were complaining about sexual assaults during exams


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USC has a real problem with its doctors:



It’s just… dumfounding to me, that such a large institution as USC could have allowed this to happen, for so long. Disgusting, what in the holy fuck is wrong with people?



Why isn’t this asshole in jail already?


You mean aside from our entire society being one of enabling/apologist rape culture?

I’m guessing he had dirt on someone high up in the admin; that’s the only thing that even remotely makes any sense.

A quote from the USC prez on CNN’s website:

“We understand that any unacceptable behavior by a health professional is a profound breach of trust,” Nikias said. “On behalf of the university, I sincerely apologize to any student who may have visited the student health center and did not receive the respectful care each individual deserves.”

“We realize that we are about to get the shit sued out of us, and we deeply regret that anyone found out about this fuckery.”


Yeah, to get away with this for decades someone must have covered for him / protected him.
This also fits the ‘secret pay off & discreet dismissal’ bit. Which hopefully will bite USC in its ass, big time.


Oh, I’m hoping; 30 years is one helluva big ass pool to draw plaintiffs from, and this guy needs his medical license snatched, A-fucking-SAP.


Possibly, but not necessarily. Could be a broken bureaucracy, poor leadership, or them doing a cost-benefit analysis and thinking not doing anything about it would likely net out better for the institution, than doing something. In any case, it’s totally fucked-up.

I hate to say it, but what they ought to face is a humongous round of lawsuits, as well as a full police investigation. Heads need to roll, and $$$ needs to be lost, because alas, that’s often the only way for changes to be made. Gotta tweak the variables of the cost-benefit analysis.


I’m really considering buying stock in table manufacturers these days…


I’d like to give that bastard a real New Jersey how’d ja do.


Color me surprised one of the parents didn’t already blow his ass away!


They don’t want to rock the boat and get a reputation for having this kind of thing go on. Better to sweep it under the rug and pretend it’s not happening.


Or fellows with similar interests watching out for each other, trading collections. I doubt rapey medical exams are the worst of what was going on.

Look for someone else making a nonchalant retirement exit in the near future.


We are pursuit predators, and we hunt in packs. Like Orca.




This makes me so sick. Literally, my stomach is in knots. There are so many things we can’t do in school for fear of lawsuits but they cover up for creeps like this. There should be a three-strikes policy or at least a transparent investigation. We can’t let the homeless eat out of dumpsters for fear of lawsuits, but we can let doctors molest thousands of girls and women. WTF!


Nah, Kick The Can Down The Road™ is a thoroughly tested and time honoured management technique, especially amongst the super-highly paid ‘elite’ CEO cohort, who earn every cent of their salary and thoroughly deserve their bonuses because of the unique combination of skills and experience they bring to the table.

/s, in case it’s not obvious. You’ll have to excuse me now, I just threw up in my mouth typing that last bit


May I introduce you to Michigan State University, where a settlement has been reached this week between the hundreds of abuse survivors and MSU to the tune of $500M. Yes, there was an equally despicable enabler coving for soon-to-not-be-a-doctor Nassar. He, too, is finally getting the justice he’s worked so hard to earn.