Artist builds high altitude balloon rig to send flower arrangement 19 miles above earth

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Some old desert rat is gonna shit when a bunch of dried up flowers falls out of the sky and smacks him on the head. I like the thought of that somehow…

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So… the vacuum of space did them no harm at all? I wanted to see their tiny eyes bugging out like in Total Recall, except flowers, not Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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He must be blind.


I was also wondering if they were going to boil. Looking at some tables, the “atm” at sea level is 1.00, and at 12 miles it is .06. No idea what this means, but certainly seems another 7 miles up would be enough to boil flowers?

However, space and it’s boundary is defined at either 31 or 62 miles in elevation, so not sure what happens there.

Update… blood boils at 10 miles. So I guess plants just don’t have the concentrated gasses to boil?

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Someday soon when we’re completely out of helium, people will not really miss it because they’ll be huddling in underground sanctuaries to avoid burning up.

Wow, look where that went.

Cell walls are much stronger than cell membranes.


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