Artist converts utility van into tiny house

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That’s a really nice hand made conversion. Excellent work.


She gave Miriam Margolyes a tour of the van on Miriam’s recent BBC show where she did a bit of an aussie roadtrip… Which reminds me I just found out the other day that Miriam Margolyes was the nurse dentist Steve Martin kept hitting in Little Shop of Horrors.


My kid’s step dad did this. Turned a van like that into a camper. They took it out last week and had a good time I hear.


I love her and her design for the van! I’d probably want something just a little larger, like convert a small u-haul truck or the like, but what she’s done with this one is brilliant. And her personality is delightful. :slight_smile:


That tub/shower/toilet cubby was really unique. I’m not sure how easy it would be to use, but if she’s happy with it, hey… Overall, it’s a warm, lovely, personalized conversion. Kudos to her.

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I’m a tiny-house admirer, and I love the bathroom concept. walling in a bathroom creates a permanent loss of space. This gives the space a chance to multi-task. From what I gather, van-lifers can’t afford to carve out bathrooms anyway.

I own a commercial van, and I camp in it but its not fitted out at all. I can chuck anything I want into the back, and I use a standard self inflating mattress to sleep on.

For me, fitouts are too restrictive.

We went tent camping up in Northern California last month and the campground
was a mix of tents and motorcampers. One of the vehicles was a retooled airport shuttle and it looked fun.

That is the best thing I have watched in weeks. The details in her little home are amazing.

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Oh, I agree. I think it was an interesting approach to the problem. I’m not sure it would work for me (even if I’m careful, I can see the potential for water damage).

/skoolies on reddit is a good place to find lots more of these kinds of conversions.

I know lots of people who’ve been flirting with the idea of renting or buying camper vans or RVs to travel in rather than flying and staying in motels/hotels.

So their fossil fuel use from now will not only include their own bodies, but also go towards transporting furnishings, sleeping arrangements, bathroom facilities and a well stocked pantry as well? And this is for leisure only?
One thing is the battle we have with petrol heads who refuse to travel to work with bicycle or public transport… but FUCK these guys.

If one could make a venn diagram where Ayn Rand devotees and Boing Boing readers overlap it would show a vesica filled with tiny houses and hipster RVs.

Why not be a real mench and live in a cramped flat in a well regulated urban area? No beautiful vistas, not much fresh air. Not cool by any measure. But you limit your footprint on this planet by accepting that your home is most likely stacked on top of other homes, and there are other homes tacked on top of your home again. You pay your local taxes and your utility bills. Your wastewater is treated at the local plant, your rubbish is (hopefully) recycled at the local depot. Travel to work/school by foot, bicycle or local transport. Support local businesses. To the extent possible, eat produce grown at urban farms within the city limits. Stay on the grid in every sense of the word and use your power both as a voter and customer to force your city and your utilites to go as clean and carbon neutral as possible.

Sure, you’ll want to go on vacation from time to time. Try to limit your air miles when you do. But at least you won’t fill the planet with fumes caused by carrying your entire living room along with you.

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