Man builds full kitchen in back of tiny electric car

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His great-grandfather would be proud.

Neat bit of work.
@orenwolf the comments link on the article goes back to the article.

That happens a lot here.

I didn’t watch the whole thing. Does he say where he stows the rest of his camping gear?

No, but presumably he throws a bivvy bag, flashlight and a sack of groceries into the passenger seat.


What is this? A kitchen for ants? It needs to be at least three times bigger!


No. But I imagine on the roof.

Wonder if he plans to reuse his gray water from the sink. If not, a small flexible tube for draining would give him back a lot of space.

Not necessarily for beer, but that would be my choice.

My choice for the space, not for the gray water.

[ETA: or if he wants the gray water, he can use a lidded bucket which fits under the sink. Items can be stored in the bucket during travel. When he wants to use the sink, he can set the bucket outside the car, place the items under the sink, and insert the drain tube into the bucket lid. Presumably by time he travels again, he won’t need the gray water and can replace the items into the emptied bucket.]


He just needs to build, let’s say, a trailer to carry his gear.


“Yo, I heard you liked being in the kitchen and driving your car so we put a kitchen in the back of your car!”

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And seriously, a lot of teardrop trailers can be towed by a car even that small. I’ve seen at least one instance of a motorcycle towing a teardrop style trailer.

The bonus to that is that you have a covered space for sleeping/stowing your gear and a somewhat larger version of this kitchen to do cooking on.

You wouldn’t be American by any chance, would you? Or Texan, even? :wink:

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That’s not a tiny electric car.

The new electric Peels even come with a reverse gear!


Apparently the Messerschmitt Kabinenroller is due to make its comeback as an EV this year. Intriguing, but I’ll believe it when I’ll see it.
(The site’s design is a bit crap, but has an English version.)

Reverse gear! I’m sold. I can even fly over to Britain, purchase one, and bring back to America in my carry on luggage!

So cute!!!

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Not if you fly United.

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