Artist creates beautiful stained glass Disney art


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These are beautiful, but they aren’t physical stained glass – they’re paintings (digital?) that look like glass [and are acknowledged as such on her website’s front-page], but could never be glass because you just can’t make acute-angle cuts like that, holy cow.

My parents have done stained glass since before I was born, so I practically teethed on lead came.


Hrm, maybe I did. That would explain a lot.


That’s what caught my eye too. I did a couple semesters of stained glass - where you actually cut the colored glass and then assemble it with either copper foil or lead came.

As OtherMichael mentioned, it is incredibly difficult to cut a pie-shaped slice out of a piece of glass - in fact it cannot be cut, it must be ground on something that looks like a router table, and even then , you can only go so so deep before the stresses prevail and you break what you are grinding on.


Beautiful paintings. I love the detail in Jaffar’s hat.

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You are very right. I’ve been to 4 different stained glass makers and they told me if they were to recreate it, it would look nothing like it and the cuts were impossible to cut :frowning:


but thank you all. I am glad you like my paintings :slight_smile: <3


I’ve seen some pretty decent fake stained glass windows using a variety of techniques ranging from panes created from colored resin to hot glue guns & acrylic paint on plexiglass, you might try one of those for fun if you just want to see what these would look like as a physical window.

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