Artist creates miniature replicas of the rooms of Japan's "lonely deaths"

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I’m not sure what I think of this. It’s an incredible way of dealing with grief, but at the same time, I am having difficulty seeing how this helps people to not die lonely deaths. Maybe makes the public more aware? I must also concede that I cannot see any good way of helping such people not die lonely deaths.


I have heard if a pet owner dies alone, their pets can grow hungry before the body is found.

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That happened in my nice (former) urban neighborhood, maybe twice.

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Not only pets. A man living two houses from my parents house has died alone. He suffered from alcoholism and lived in an old shack completely filled with thrash. He was discovered two days later, but before that the rats feasted.

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Sad from the outside, I guess.
But I could go that way.
Except for what it would do to my dogs.


Well, my apartment isn’t THAT bad. So… I got that going for me, at least.


I must make a note not to have that happen to me. A really strong note.


Jeez, some heavy matter on here today.
Thanks BoingBoing… I guess.

I’m just a bit worried for the woman investing herself into this so much, hope she can still see and enjoy the bright sides of life when she’s done cleaning up. You know what happens if you stare into the abyss for to long.

Yeah, that happens. You come across these situations periodically as a veterinarian where animal control brings a pet by for a health check before releasing it to family members. Generally there’s a comment like “you may want to find a reason to hospitalize this one for a couple of days until it finishes digesting what it ate.”. Most of them are dehydrated anyway, so…

Happened to a hospital manager that I know. She hadn’t heard from her mom in a couple of days, and she went in to find dead mom, and living pets.

Pretty grim, but understandable.

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That. The replicas might get people thinking about relatives and friends they haven’t heard from. Get them to reach out and make contact before it’s too late. Perhaps re-bond.

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