Artist Nan Goldin leads protests at the Guggenheim and the Met over their reputation-laundering of the Sacklers' opioid epidemic fortunes


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The article says oxytocin I suspect you mean oxycontin


“In the ground, next to Pablo Escobar!” another speaker, the harm-reduction activist Robert Suarez, proposed.

Death is an ironic form of harm-reduction.


I just don’t want anyone to forget that even celebs like Rush Limbaugh get hooked on legal meds like those produced by the Sackler family.

(Wow, was that really sixteen years ago? Is he still using?)


Same Sackler for which this place is named (which I figured out a week or 2 ago)


Or next to thousands of their victims. I’m sure that instead they’ll “suffer” the same fate as Phillip Morris.


artists are hungry in many places


For a second I thought they were named Sackett. You do not want to mess with them.


A few judicious deaths to save hundreds of thousands seems like pretty good harm reduction.

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