Artist Natali Cohen Vaxberg under house arrest for defecating on Israeli flag

I don’t know what to make of all of this… but here you go.

To be fair she pooped on lots of flags, its just when she pooped on her own flag that she got into some severe trouble.

I don’t get her point… is she an anti-nationalist? Her whole thing about the holocaust confused me as to her intent? That she’s anti-Zionist? Deeply pro-Zionist? I’m guessing she’s critiquing Israeli policy by pointing out the connection between the rhetorical use of the Holocaust and the current occupation of Palestinian lands? That must be her point, right?

She is labeled as “extreme left wing” so deeply pro zionist would not fit the bill. She clearly trying to provoke and hit some sort of jackpot here.

I think there are some leftists who are Zionists, but you’re right that a deep leftist probably wouldn’t fit the bill.

I like art, and performance art I really do… but I think I feel the same way about it, as I do about some theory stuff - who is the audience, others who are in on the field, or as many people as you can muster? I think there is a huge problem with people whose entire goal to be shocking, but they don’t want to be clear on what their intent is. It helps to be clear, even if you’re dealing with something complicated. I mean, what’s the point of the lady who throws up on stuff? I don’t know… am I too dumb to get it?

She achieved one thing though. I don’t think I agree people should be in house arrest for shitting on a flag and uploading to the net. So at least, she is making the country think about this and think about the limits that exist around free speech.

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Beats me, and I’m quite into properly bonkers performance art.

Without getting too in-depth, art’s there for a number of reasons, to elicit a reaction or an emotional response, to communicate a message, to allow the viewer to re-examine things in another way, to reflect and change the world.

I’m in two minds about this. On one level, it’s crass. Not from the shitting thing, but it’s way too heavy-handed. There’s a lack of nuance, like they’re screaming to get the message across, but the message is being distorted from the volume.

OTOH, looking at it as a part of a greater body of work and taking into account her arrest as part of the performance, bringing it might actually be quite clever but it’s far too confusing and muddied for me to properly get where she’s coming from. Way too much going on.

And of course, the mere fact we’re talking about it makes it successful art, if not necessarily good art.

And yeah, shitting on a flag might not be tasteful, but illegal? Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot.


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