Artist ships glass boxes inside FedEx boxes

I understand there’s a guy in Florida who will ship you a half dozen birds via USPS for a lot less than that.

As my wife is wont to say, “art is something you do to other people”


18 comments in. Who called 18? Anyone?




“Who called 18? Anyone?”

Godot did. She says hello.


I’m waiting…


There are artists of the opinion that “real art” is that which cannot be bought or sold. The scam is art-as-commodity, which is an economy perpetuated mostly by non-artists.


For what?


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She’s busy. Said to say hello, will get back to you soon.

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why didn’t they think of shipping the glass boxes inside of fed ex boxes with shredded fed ex boxes inside as extra padding!!

I thought this might be a comment on the level of care FedEx takes in handling its packages. So I would be interested in how many packages were delivered without breakages.


Can’t really hold it against the artist for being a little disingenuous for artistic effect I guess.

It depends on whether the patents were used to try to suppress the show, or if noting the “proprietary” silliness serves as a lawyer prophalactic.

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I love the term “outsider art”, since it implicitly admits that most art is “insider art”. Far as I can tell, most of being a successful artist is being good at the schmooze.


This is art on the same level as those dipshit stamps people put on dollar bills to track them. Interesting for about 4 seconds. By all means keep doing it pal, just don’t expect anyone to be interested unless they’re a 1st year art student.

As far as I can tell they don’t own any trademarks/patents/copyrights over the box size, just the term Fedex box and similar terms. That doesn’t seem overly egregious to me.

They did DMCA takedown someones website in 2005 which is where I suspect this artist got some of the ideas. No indication that they have done this since then.

As discussed above, box size is a component of their patented and copyrighted system of containerization, box design and shipping. A history of DMCA use bears this out.

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