Artist ships glass boxes inside FedEx boxes


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Anyone have any further info on his claims that FedEx boxes are a “proprietary volume”? First couple of pages of google results just comes back to articles on Beshty. Box Dimensions seem a little bit too basic to be given a design patent.


Why would you ship anything fragile without extra padding ever, regardless of the carrier/box?


isn’t the whole deal of the artist’s work the broken glass? (follow-up question: has the artist the copyright or the FedEx employee mishandling the box?)


After being let go by American Tourister, FedEx employed this individual:


I don’t think you could actually patent the size of a box. You could patent the system that includes the carriers, the layout and organization of the boxes within the carrier, which would include the dimensions as a part of the system.

Carriers are sized to fit the aircraft they are transported in-- while each carrier fits a different sized aircraft (from the Cessna 208 to the McDonnell-Douglas MD-11) they are designed to hold the same sized boxes-- and the boxes are sized to fit within the carriers without filler or packing-- they actually ship EMPTY BOXES to fill out a partially-loaded container.

This is why you HAVE to use the FedEx boxes, and why they give them to you for free-- they are an integral part of the system.


That makes a little more sense. Cheers for the explanation.
Can’t really hold it against the artist for being a little disingenuous for artistic effect I guess.


I’d like to see the art-handler who accidentally cracked Duchamp’s “The Bride Stripped Bare…” seek compensation for co-authorship. Duchamp probably would’ve at least entertained the argument, too.


someone will buy the resulting “art” maybe


I do Kintsugi…these images excite me…


Frankly the glass is in better shape than I would have expected.


Oh, I forgot one thing. Ever wonder why the Post Office has special boxes for Priority Mail and Priority Express? Guess who’s carrying them.


It’s art. It is SUPPOSED to have random cracks.


Psssst…just trying to salvage a failed ant farm venture!


OK, that’s disturbing.


This makes sense, FedEx has copyrighted the use of volume in their system, but not the actual volume of space anywhere else in the universe. For example, I can ship a FedEx box via UPS if I so choose to pay for it.


I think what he means by “proprietary” in this case is similar to Starbucks Venti=20 ounces. He found it interesting that “Large Box” etc. were terms used by this proprietor to mean very specific dimensions (no larger or smaller). It was FedEx’s arbitrary measurement of what constituted a “Large Box” and so on that I think inspired packing them with glass boxes that exactly met those dimensions.

Or something.


I get that it’s supposed to be art, but he also wants to “comment on the “perversity of a corporation owning a shape,””. It’s the latter part that confuses me. You can do the same with standardized boxes.


lol “art”


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