Artist sketches Chadwick Boseman tribute after Black Panther star's death

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Neat. Bill Sienkiewicz did two tributes. He often does one when people pass on.


Throwing in the Black Panther reference cheapens the strength of the portrait, imho.

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I disagree. It is an iconic character that millions of people admire and look up to. While Boseman was an accomplished actor, it is that role he is most well known for. Composition wise, the Black Panther is behind the portrait and dark, making the lighter foreground image pop out first to the eye. It is solid.

A portrait next to your most well known character is a fitting tribute, IMO.

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Yeah, he was very aware of how important the representation of Black Panther was to people who’d never had that kind of representation before and proud of it too (quite rightly). Just listen to the bit in the interview he gave to the Kermode and Mayo film review when asked about his opinion on Scorsese’s comments regarding comic book flicks being like theme parks.


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