Artist steals top 1-inch piece of England's tallest mountain

no kiddin’. It’s great fun to stay a step ahead of yall

oh, you mean… …

yes… i mean…

Aside fromt that. It’s still a racist term.

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Alrighty, so you’re just trolling. That’s cool. Suits the topic at hand.



It’s the Urban Dictionary. Anyone can submit definitions, etymologies, etc. They get voted up or down.

If I wanted to know what swooping was, sure, the Urban Dictionary’s a good place to start. They don’t, unlike Wikipedia, provide citations, though, so their definitions can’t be checked. Given how badly folk etymologies can get things wrong, I think it’s a very bad foundation to make an accusation as charged as one of racism.


No no, i did actually stop in to say that Oscar shoud do what the polite racist man in the article said, and return the mountaintop.

before an object lesson in “it isn’t racist when it’s about the Irish” landed on my desktop.

And no, trollin’ ain’t cool. Not at all. It is about 180 degrees from cool. Be the change, etc.

I propose a three-way trade.

This Ecuadorian gives England back its mountaintop.

England gives Greece back the Elgin marbles.

Greece gives Ecuador… I don’t know, maybe some souvlaki?



Not to put too fine a point on it, but Urban Dictionary is basically only useful to seeing what functionally house-bound suburbanite teenage boys imagine various slang phrases to mean. Which is a great shame! I love etymology and etymology sites. But that one, alas, is a write-off.


To learn the true value of Urban Dictionary, try searching for the meaning of proper names.


I really think this is off topic, but there were no Irish people around to insult and I don’t see a plausible reason why that meaning would be relevant here. I’m a speaker who doesn’t use it that way (and who could be insulted by its use to derogate Irish people), and I provided evidence that it wasn’t originally meant that way. Defending particular phrases that could be insulting in certain contexts isn’t the hill I want to die on, but I think in a number of cases it’s a bit like the “that’s what she said” joke. It’s possible to say the same phrase in different ways or read meanings that were not intended, but it’s also possible to say things like “take the mickey”, “butthurt” and “pussy” without actually implying anything racist, mysogynistic or otherwise offensive. Where people insist on taking what I say in that way, I generally just walk away as there’s very little I could say that couldn’t possibly be taken as a euphemism.


Good. Because some Argentine bastard is just going come along and make it imperceptibly smaller.


Neither the Whitehaven News or the Times and Star (covering Workington and Allerdale) have reported this for some reason.

The Times and Star are covering the annual game of [Uppies and Downies][1] on Friday though.

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Hey, now you’re just taking the Santiago.


By that logic, maybe this was a clever ploy to get an installation of an alien stone on top of Scafell Pike. You claim the rock you have is taken from the mountain and so they “put it back” and your readymade becomes the tallest point on the mountain.

It’s genius.


It’s Cumbria, so in a year or so erosion would have removed it in any case.
What are they going to do next, demand that geology stops?


In Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, it has been alleged that the model for Venus was a woman of notoriously negotiable affection. driving trollies by artists has a very long history.


What I have done is a small suggestive gesture that reflects on the way in which humans have imposed their cultural categories over nature.

I think I’ve finally found a use for this sort of “theory-speak”. It’s a useful marker for both driving trollies and breathless academic verbiage, both of which can be safely ignored without losing anything of value.


Indeed, he was taking the piss.


You know, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a particular user completely derail a discussion into entire dimensions of irrelevance. If I didn’t know better, I might suspect it was intentional. And if it was intentional, I believe we have a word for that behavior on the internet.


This guy exists in the same category as these jokers:

Put him in jail.

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I fink…I fink da rock should be crushed, and den Keef Richards should snort it.