Man steals McDormand's Oscar, prances around party claiming it's his, finally gets arrested


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Another man bropropriating a woman’s acknowledgement.


And the award for Biggest Douchebag at an Awards Ceremony goes to. . . (envelope please. . . )


Mr. Bryant please come up to the dais and accept your honorary handcuffs!


Someone has to say it:


Will he get added time for the vertical filming? The monster.

So who is Terry Bryant? I searched IMDB and came up with either a guy who worked in the Art Dept of My Dog Skip. Or the guy who was in the Transportation Dept for Bitch. Or wrote the soundtrack to Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown.

Or maybe he’s not in the film industry? Dunno. Pretty assholely thing to do no matter how drunk you are.

In a related note, found the movie 3 Billboards, still need to watch.


Maybe this Seinfeld episode influenced him.


I suppose when actors are involved it behooves the reporter to mention whether they are “crying emotionally” or “crying professionally”




Is there some rule set in stone that prevents them from simply replacing the stolen statue rather than letting her think she’ll never have one to display? I mean it’s just a thing that represents the important thing (the achievement and the acknowledgement of your peers) so providing a new thing seems like a good way to keep someone from despairing unnecessarily.


I still haven’t seen this one but I assume the big plot twist is “Burma Shave.”


You can be upset about something being stolen from you even if it is replaceable.


Being British, I would be wary of saying someone was emotional if I were a journalist.


This is why alcohol is called: “Smart Juice”.


I dunno, it’s like those Olympians who miss a medal (or a better medal) when someone was doping, then getting your position elevated down the road. Part of the fun of winning an Oscar has got to be walking around with the thing all night. And even getting it replaced, you gotta feel robbed that someone else is trading on your hard work.


He’s not going to show up on IMDB (unless he added himself fraudulently) because he’s not anything. Apparently he’s a self-described DJ (he’s got a song on Spotify and… uh, that appears to be it) with a history of having his photo taken with (other people’s) awards, claiming them as his own, but only implicitly, previously. This seems to be the first time he’s actually walked off with one. He seems to be really into claiming a broad range of distinctions he hasn’t actually earned. Somehow he also manages to weasel his way into a lot of premieres and events and get his picture taken with famous people, too.
I’m guessing that, like with similar people I’ve read about, it’s all to make himself seem like a Hollywood player so he can run scams on people who don’t know any better.


OMG - does every post have to be about Trump now? I thought we were talking about this Terry Bryant guy.


What a fucken dick.


I think they’ve reserved a job for him in the Trump administration.


In the same vein, a gentle reminder that this is how you look when you lean over someone’s car or sit on someone’s motorcycle in an attempt to impress your friends.


Hope he tried that at the NAACP awards, would get his clock cleaned.