Artist trolls the Met Gala by showing up naked in a clear box


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Schroedinger’s art piece?


Is it art? Yes. Is it good art? I don’t think so.


Anyone can get into the Met to see the exhibits for a penny…or less. Yes, only celebrities are invited to the gala, but that’s what a gala is. I have an intense distaste for celebrity culture as well but I don’t know, without a strong connection to what his political message might be (which I know we’re not going to get from the Daily News…), this just feels like flashing, which I also think is pretty gross…


Uhhhh, Schrordinger…that’s a clear box. We can totally see the dead cat in there. You need to…please, stay away from our cats, you know what, just, lose my number.


It looks like he has preformed this before in Foundling-3
If you are interested you can read what he has to say about it here:


He’s probably the kind of artist whose practice is entirely about how much attention he can get, which is lame.

OTOH it’s no bad thing to show up the grossness of “the art world” once in a while. It might be that Security dragged him away because his art is banal and derivative, but it looks like they dragged him away because Art belongs to rich people too closed-minded to deal with a bum cheek unless an important critic tells them it’s OK.


Naked person = “lewd display.” Here in America, nudity cannot have any meaning besides pornography. We even freak out over marble statues of Abstract Virtues such as Liberty or, ironically, Temperance, if they have boobies.


I think the question of why depictions of astract concepts so often have bare breasts is of equal interest and relevance.


That is an insane number of police, paramedics, and firemen to deal with a naked celebrity in a clear plastic box.


That’s hilarious.

The art isn’t the man in the box. The art is the people outside the box trying to get the man to get out of the box.


Nailed it.


True, but you would have to ask some Romans.


I wouldn’t consider him a celebrity.

When you said “naked celebrity” I assumed it was one of the Kardashians.

If this were a Kardashian, everyone would be wearing plexiglass boxes this season.


Most of the depictions available to us are not roman.


TBH, I came here to make a Dick In A Box joke, but I actually like this.




i would have farted into one of those little holes in the box…it isn’t great art unless you suffer for it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a guess:



Soooo Republican?