Russian police seize Putin, Medvedev painting




“with no explanation”…

Do you need one? Putin is an insecure putz.

Explanation given.


Thus ensuring that the image will now be seen by many millions of people more than would otherwise have been the case.


Putin doesn’t even look like himself here.


If they’d not taken it away, I’d never have known who they were.


Had they not identified him I would have thought it was a picture of Max Beckmann.


They’ve also raided the home of Nikolai Alexeyev, a leading gay activist who has lately been taking some polarizing positions regarding response from the West to Russia’s anti-gay laws


Always thought they made a cute couple:


The gallery could hang a reproduction along with an explanation of why the original is missing.


Aah… Quintessential fascism!

I can smell from here the marching boots wax and the mildly aerated armpits!


For a guy who’s press shots always seem to be trying to replicate Tom of Finland posters, he sure seems awfully uncomfortable with the idea of homosexuality. How long can it be until Putin is discovered in a Moscow airport bathroom playing footsies?


Maybe Putin just had to have it, and it is now hanging above his mantel.



The Streisand effect.


No… no… no… closer

Putin… Welcome to the Streisand jungle, baby… you’re gonna cry…

(sha, n-n-n-n-n-n-n-na!!!)

We got fun and games… I wanna hear you scream…


I completely misread that!

I though that there’d been a Coup, and Medvedev had an abrupt career change.

(If I was any good at photoshop, this post would have been AWESOME!)


And in an unsurprising turn of events, the artist has been forced to flee to France.


Here ya go…


That was totally not what I was thinking,but still delightfully wrong. :smile:


Now I’m curious what you were thinking!