Phallic symbol of Volgograd airport erased prior to Putin's arrival


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This needs to be updated with Putin’s face


An anonymous source reported that the painting had been deemed ‘excessively volgor’ for a political visit.


In the days of Soviet Russia, this was comically reversed in some manner.


In Putin’s Russia, huge prick removes you?


Looks like I’m going to have to work on my pronunciation, I always thought it was “Volga.”


“The Friendly Penis.”

Oh, that’s what I call mine too.


I’m sorry, but I do not see a dick. Not every elongated curve is a penis, you know.


No, but it’s always a safe starting assumption.


They also advised Putin that they found his name overly suggestive and that he should change it.


Some times it’s a cigar! S. Frued


I think it may be less funny if it’s true though. :sweat:


Did they think that Putin would object to it? From what I’ve read of him, it seems more probable that he would like it; or at least think it was funny.


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