Artist turns vintage Louis Vuitton luggage into marvelous Star Wars sculptures


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Of course BB neglects the best one on the page. I am so disappoint.


Prices for the pieces start at $2500…

I was worried, at first, about the cost of raw materials.


Is there nohing that can’t be brought into the sphere of Star Wars?


The only limit is your imagination.


What on… Earth?


Not on earth. In fact,
Screen Shot 113

did this actually appear in the movies?




That stuff turned out great. Excellent link @Rusty_Blazenhoff , thanks!

I used to work as a hand bookbinder and storage case maker - using hardback binding techniques to build custom art print, drawing, document and book boxes. As soon as I saw these pieces I started reverse engineering them in my head, but didn’t get too far. The sculptor Gabriel Dishaw is definitely not without skill. Kinda reminds me of the steampunk gimp masks Cory used to post here.


that tank: BleaGH, but the helmets are awesome, would wear.


Any relation to McManaman?


2500$ - cheap if you consider the price of the “raw material” he works with.


Happy to see that he’s recycling old stuff. Conspicuous consumption is obnoxious even when geeks do it.

A similar artist made this:


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