Artists, their luggage stolen, plan to paint their lost memories




One could argue stolen luggage falls short of “heart-wrenching”


One could argue stolen luggage falls short of “heart-wrenching”

SedanChair, have you read the linked to article? I am truly asking. They lost almost everything of value to them, and I don’t just mean financially. They are artists who struggle to get by, and who scrimped and saved to go on this trip as a learning and art-making experience. I almost couldn’t read the whole article because it hurt me so much to imagine what that would be like. Artists’ tools are not just tools: they are friends, talismans, deeply personal when they’ve been collected over a lifetime. They had very little, so they took everything of meaning with them, including the clothes they planned to wear to their wedding. Losing those kinds of things is like having little pieces of your soul ripped away. I feel deeply for this family.


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