As GWB was a gift to late-night comedy shows, so Trump brings out the best in Congressional firebrands

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Goddamn! I’m not in public life but if I were I’d be glad to be on the same side as Elizabeth Warren.


I hate to alter any part of Warren’s speech, but I can’t be nearly optimistic enough to say Trump never will be president. I know too many people who, at the very least, consider him the lesser of two evils, and too many others who will either justify or ignore the terrible things he’s said. Some of them are the same ones who said, “George W. Bush’s presidency won’t be that bad. He’s got people around him who will prevent him from doing anything really terrible.”

Trump’s candidacy brings out the best in people like Warren but it’s also brought out the worst in a lot of other people. And it may have brought it out in enough of them that he could be elected.


But she’s so shrill!



If I were a Trump supporter, I suspect I’d listen to this and say “Well sure, he’s a businessman, he’s supposed to be looking out for his financial interests” and be unmoved. (Which is too bad, as I’m definitely a Warren fan.)


Trump is the lesser of nothing! Compared to his tremendous, world class evil, some Loser like Crooked Hillary would be the lesser evil!*

  • Trump 2016!

“A man who cares about no one but himself.”

Trouble is, many people (myself included) see little genuine indication that Clinton cares about anyone but herself. I’m sure Warren does, and Sanders too for that matter. But it seems to me that we’re going to be stuck spending too many months watching two self-interested bags of money trying to convince the rest of us that they actually care about the little people.


Well if we’re gonna go that route…


Oh, please! Cthulhu isn’t even a Natural Born American!


I don’t like Clinton, but I really don’t see her as being quite as bad as you imagine. She has worked on her political career over all else (and made too many rich friends with benefits), but her platform is geared towards helping many people besides herself, and not just the wealthy. Given her past efforts in the WH and Senate I think she’ll work towards her stated goals which are not “make me richer,” but green energy/fighting global warming, campaign finance reform, reforming college financing, gun violence, building infrastructure, etc., and has at least as good a chance as Sanders did of getting things through the Congress. She’s no Sanders, of course, and the poor/needy/most screwed aren’t going to be helped nearly as much, Wall Street isn’t going to be reined in, etc., but sometimes the critiques from the left seem as unrealistic to me as the critiques from the right given her past hyper-focus on policy. At least she won’t be an Obama campaigning from the left, then disappointing the left with a march to the center once elected.


Very small consolation indeed. That we on the left can be disappointed beforehand, instead of after.

After lengthy consideration of a full thirty seconds or so, I think the most heartening thing about your comment is that you spelled “reined” right.

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We will at least have realistic expectations going in. I agree, there’s nothing to get excited about with Clinton, and some things that are cringe-worthy. After Sander’s weak start, so-so campaign, and what looked to me like an effective loss of the primary on Super Tuesday, I’ve been acclimating myself to Clinton for longer, so maybe I’m through denial, anger, bargaining, and depression and have hit acceptance. It sucks, I wanted Sanders to win so badly, but we’ve got what we’ve got, and in balance she’s way better than Trump on platform, background, temperament, competence, and every other measure. “At least she’s not the worst candidate I’ve ever seen in my life” isn’t super compelling, alas, but since thats who she’s up against it’s actually kind of important.



Clearly Nyarlathotep is the most qualified to become president.


Seems to be her slogan though.

I just find all the “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good, compromise is necessary” stuff so disheartening as a starting point during an election campaign. I fear it’ll all be downhill from there.

I guess the secret to happiness is low expectations, though, so at least she won’t be as big a let down as Obama was.


I hate Trump and love Warren, but I find her argument a little shallow and populist. There’s a huge difference between buying on a market dip and causing that dip. I did very well on a property bought during the downmarket but that doesn’t make me a monster too. The seller wasn’t old Ma Jones losing her house, it was an attorney who got greedy and in over his head with buying multiple properties during the boom. I have no guilt. What makes Trump a monster is he’s a narcissist & sociopath in many other ways not related to simple “buy low, sell high”. Trump U is the perfect example.

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That’s it, her new campaign slogan!

She could score a few points with me if she’d wear a hat like this one:


Yeah yeah, #notalllandlords


IMHO the root problem that caused the financial crisis wasn’t that house prices dropped, but that they rose too high. There were many of us during the run-up who looked around when the “value” of our houses doubled in a short period and said to ourselves “that can’t be right,” rather than “I’m RICH!” And of course rising prices combined with “easy” loans combined to create a 'buy now or be priced out forever," fever. We would probably be in a better place now if the Fed had turned off the money spigot in '03 when prices became divorced from interest rates and were fueled by more and more crazy, non-amortizing teaser-rate suicide loans…

  • If/when my grandmother dies, I hope I get that old quilt/blanket of hers.


  • I can’t wait for grandma to kick the bucket because then I’ll get that old quilt/blanket of hers!

Two statements, imparting very different thoughts and emotions.


He wasn’t born, period!

@SpunkyTWS: Well, this is beside the point really, but I’m not sure Cthulhu counts as evil actually. I mean, sure it’ll do plenty of horrible things, but I don’t think it’s a good/evil axis thing. If anything more law/chaos.

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