Warren joins Clinton to beat down Drumpf machine

Sen. Warren is playing Steve Rogers to Hillary’s Bucky Barnes in an epic Iron Drumpf beat down.

“Donald Trump is worried about helping poor little Wall Street?” Warren asked. “Let me find the world’s smallest violin to play a sad, sad song.”

“Can Donald Trump even name three things that Dodd-Frank does? Seriously, someone ask him,” she added.

While campaigning in California, Clinton used Trump’s own words to make a similar case: that he cheered on the market crash eight years ago.

“Trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs and more debt,” Clinton told a crowd here Tuesday afternoon.

Wait 'til Bernie gets Bruce Banner style angry with Drumpf’s tax plan.


I’m not happy with this fairly recent trend of Warren apparently supporting Clinton. I honestly thought she had more principal than that. Color me disappoint.


I’m unsure why she almost appears to be running for VP when she could have waltzed to the presidency.


Clinton, Trump. Aren’t they two flavors of the same thing? IE Mis Walmart Chairperson for six years vs mr hairpiece that… good god Trump makes satarization impossible because he’s done worse already.


I know … :frowning2: I’m hoping Warren can help remove all the corporate Winter Soldier sleeper code words from Hilz’s brain that Ken Starr stuffed in there. And I never get tired of watching Hilz shut down the right. They’re petrified of her.


Speaking of…


They are not at all the same.

They’re not the same on taxes, Dodd-Frank, immigration, political experience, etc.

Did you read the list of justices that Drumpf would nominate to SCOTUS?

Yikes. Not same.


I know, right? The arc of justice is long. He’s also a Clinton fan now according to the NYT.

The readers’ comments are some of the best stuff on the interwebs.


The WaPo article infers that because Warren is speaking against Trump at the same time Clinton is speaking against Trump, she is therefore joining Clinton. If there was actual evidence of such a joining, for example a statement from Warren to that effect, it would have been in the article.

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Sanders doesn’t think so. He has stated that “on her worst day, Hillary would be a better President than Trump on his best day.”

So support Bernie, but don’t throw up your hands and say “oh what’s the difference” if Hillary gets the nomination.


The timing of her remarks Tuesday, and their convergence with Clinton’s stump message in California the same day, was not entirely a coincidence.

An aide said she takes seriously her potential role in helping to bring those constituencies together and focus the party’s energy on defeating Trump.

The “not entirely a coincidence” is WaPo’s inference. The aide’s quote (interestingly not an actual quote, why not?) doesn’t actually say anything about an alliance of Warren with Clinton.

I’m sure Clinton and her supporters would love to create the impression that Warren, who has been very critical of her, is suddenly her bestie. I don’t doubt that Warren would far prefer to see Clinton over Trump in the general election, but that is a different matter.


More fun from The Guardian

The Massachusetts senator seized on remarks made by Trump in 2006 and recently unearthed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, in which Trump said of a housing market crash that “[I] sort of hope that happens because then, people like me would go in and buy … If there is a bubble burst, as they call it, you know you can make a lot of money.”

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If Warren wanted the presidency (or VP) and all the headache it entails, she would have run. It was hers for the taking. But it looks like her strategy is stay where she can get the most accomplished.

That being said, if she ever decides to run for president, sign me up for the campaign. She is one of the few people in Congress who I out and out admire.


I still get a chance to vote in an open primary! Yay!


Don’t disagree. She (and Sanders) can do a lot more in the Senate than as Veep. Which is why I don’t want either of them doing the job.


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