As Idaho moves to criminalize undercover video with 'ag-gag' law, clip of dairy worker sexually abusing cow surfaces


This is gross and all, but it’s a bit strange to me that everybody (including me) is down with killing and eating cows, but sexual abuse is beyond the pale.


If there is any question that the US legislative system is now wholly owned by the big-money “campaign donors”, these bought-and-paid-for laws should remove all doubt.


Let’s say this, moving backwards, the eating part doesn’t harm anybody, as far as I’m concerned, you can do whatever you want with my body once I’m gone.

So onto the killing. In the wild, animals die mostly one of three ways. Predator, disease, starvation. It’s pretty rare that an animal dies of old age in it’s comfortable bed surrounded by loved ones. A well done execution is a hell of a lot better than the death nature normally provides, if we’re measuring suffering.

Technically these cows wouldn’t exist if not for people consuming their meat and dairy products, so we’re left with pretty much two choices if we care at all about cows. Either we prefer they didn’t exist for the most part, or we prefer they are treated well and live a not too shitty life prior to slaughter.

So the way I see it, wagging a finger of disapproval at sexual abuse is not inconsistent with a world that eat’s their flesh.


I’m very fortunate that I am able to buy a share of a dairy cow for my milk needs. I can visit the farm and see my cow whenever I like. Unfortunately, because of big dairy’s profit-mongering/lobbying, the government has also waged a war against raw (real) cow milk.

As far as meat and animal products, @Jake_Stevens, my morals, ethics, and appetite are not impacted by the loss of the life of the animal. However, I like to know the food I am eating was not a product of a torturous life and disgusting/unappetizing processes.

“Happy, happy, happy, clean and then dead.” = Food
“Tortured, drugged, diddled by some sadistic redneck fuck, dead, butchered and mixed with stray feces” ≠ Food

When you open a carton in your fridge and it smells like shit, do you eat the food? No.

When you drive by a factory farm and it smells like shit, do you really want to eat the output?


Even if you don’t care about the cow, nobody wants to hear that their dinner had some dude’s dick in it.


Fondling a cow’s vagina? That is fucking sick. Sick. Ugh.

Everyone knows that it’s SHEEP with the more human-like vaginas. DUH. Just ask anyone from New Zealand! ducks

In all seriousness, why exactly is it OK to “milk” an elephant, but fondling a cow’s vagina is crossing some kind of line…? heheheh

Disgusting, but I don’t think the cow noticed. Doesn’t a lot of routine cow maintenance involve a vet shoving in their arm up to their shoulder?





Now what’s the fun of abusing cow surfaces? It’s the inside where the party’s at.

It certainly put me off my steak and taters.

What about sexually abusing after they’re dead?

It somehow seems counterproductive to protest a law against undercover video by releasing an undercover video of things that nobody wants to see.

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I think it’s quite the opposite. It goes to show exactly how important it is to keep this kind of law from passing. And how important it is to improve oversight.


Gross? It’s damn well unnatural… A boy has to step down off the bucket, walk 3 or 4 paces just to give her a kiss – by then, the mood is lost… damn unnatural it is.


What if the redneck is not sadistic and actually in love with the cow?

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Insert necrophilia/bestiality/S&M joke about flogging a dead horse just here.


What if it was a woman doing the sex stuff with the animal that was to become dinner?

What about that the animal may have had some other animal’s dick in it?

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Yeah, they even have special shoulder length gloves, for obvious reasons. This is why one might not wish to become a large animal vet (although there’s more money in it in general).

Usually one line of argument against such videos seems to be that it’s all just city kids who don’t understand the realities of agriculture smearing honest hard-working folk because burgers don’t grow on trees and that there isn’t really anything to see.