As investigation enters fifth month, Tamir Rice has yet to be buried and his mother has moved into a homeless shelter


Just wow.

I am quite certain that this topic will not get 80+ comments. Nope.

It gets worse. The city already has a bill for $18,000 they plan to present his mother with. It is the cost of murdering her son, and dragging out the investigation.


That’s… wow. That’s unspeakably horrible.


Aren’t there watch dog groups like the ACLU willing to pick up her case?

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This does seem like a perfect ACLU case, actually. Hopefully, they’ll help out now that this is getting attention. Given her situation, it’s likely hard for her to seek out help on her own, though.

That’s just unbelievable. It evokes the scene in Brazil immediately after Buttle is aggressively arrested, and his traumatized wife (and soon-to-be widow) is immediately faced with mundane bureaucratic procedures (“Sign here. Press HARDER this time.”) The difference, of course, is that that was entertaining fiction, and this is bleak, heartless reality.


It’s amazing what months of similar stories and protests and riots on the streets will do to the efficiency of justice.

It’s just terrible that it requires all that.


Gilliam himself said Brazil (and The Zero Theorem) was about the world as he perceived it at the time rather than a vision of a dystopian future. Gilliam correctly saw the bleak, heartless reality in which we currently reside and simply told the story without the pretense of civility.


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