As long as we don’t call it "Legalization," Biden is in favor of it

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I reject that view. Libertarian socialists have always rejected prohibition as it would require coercion to enact at any level above a local community


But the libertarian “right” is mostly what counts, because they have the best ideas about legalizing the drugs they like for white people while also supporting the most carceral policies and candidates imaginable for brown folks.


“As long as we don’t call it “Legalization,”. . .”

Hey, a rose by any other name will still get me high. So to speak.

Don’t smoke roses kids.


In theory, yes.

In practice, rich Libertarian assholes are happy to enforce an “OK for me but not for thee” policy.


To support his theory that legalization has been supported by the right longer than the left, the writer compares the views of two opinion writers (Buckley and Friedman) with the views of prominent Democratic politicians. This is not a fair comparison, as the “price” paid by opinion writers for backing an unpopular opinion is far smaller than that paid by a politician. You could cite plenty of lefty writers who supported legalization as well, but you would be hard pressed to find a prominent Republican politician over the same period who favored legalization.


Leftists, socialists, progressives, etc, have supported cannabis decriminalization and legalization for a very long time.


If weed became completely legal what effect would that have on cross-border smuggling? Would it be profitable to smuggle weed for the tax savings?

I guess that’s still profitable since people do that with cigarettes.

On a related note, I saw one of those Border Patrol shows where some guy was trying to bring his personal stash of weed from somewhere in the US where medical marijuana was legal to Canada where medical marijuana had been recently made legal. Nope, that’s still drug smuggling because it’s illegal to cross the border with it.

Now that I think about it I believe I’ve seen that situation with both US and Canadian border patrols. (My wife likes these shows… They generally just make me mad.)

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I got no skin in this game. The last time I toked was 1982 and I got incredible paranoids.

However, I am looking at nasty arthritis in my golden years. If the paranoia chemicals are gone, I’m on board. If not - well, seriously, why do we want a bunch of paranoid people? Aren’t we paranoid enough without introducing more paranoia?

Maybe I’m just being paranoid. :wink:


In the 80’s you got what got. I don’t recall ever smoking the same flower (by name) and getting the same effect twice. Pretty sure that super secret experimental government weed was just ditch weed. :rofl:

Today’s retail gives the consumer a broad selection of flowers with a wide variety effects. If you go in and say you need something that helps with arthritis and that in the past you have had issues with feelings of paranoia a decent budtender can narrow down the selection for you. Buy one pre-rolled joint of each suggested flower and see what works best for you. Everyone is different so don’t get too caught up in what other people say is “the best”, it’s all subjective and all that matters is what works for you.


While I want weed and other drugs legalized, and all drugs decriminalized, I’d settle for 4 years of “not making it worse”.


I think we’re now at the point of “Make things better or things will get worse by default”. There is no going back now, too much has happened over the last three and a half years.


We’ve never had a US President who was explicitly pro-legalization, not even Obama.

The best scenario we can reasonably hope for in the near term is that we get a congress willing to push the legalization agenda forward and a President who chooses not to get in the way. Or maybe a President who “evolves” on the issue after taking office, like how Obama came around to publicly supporting same-sex marriage.


It’s all about training and practice. Seriously though try a strain with high CBD.

If it gets effectively legalized but we don’t call it legalized- eh - I can live with it, So long as people don’t end up involved with the legal system etc and legitimate business can be done; it’s a win.


You’d think that wouldn’t be too big of an ask considering that we recently had three consecutive Presidents who admitted smoking cannabis in their youth, but so far no dice…


Yeah. I find tamer 1:1 cbd:thc strains to be very good.

I’m not a huge fan of smoking weed so potent you’re stuck in a wheelchair for 6 hours. And I find the ultra high potency strains do tend to trigger perhaps not paranoia, but certainly anxiety and a racing heart.

CBD helps to mellow out the THC.

Also I’m not a huge smoker who gets high every day so I don’t need the crazy 30+% THC bud.

Well, if Michigan is any indication, prices for legal weed are about 1/3 less the the price of street weed a decade ago. So, not worth trying to smuggle.


The only people against are 17th century bigots, and politicians who want 17th century bigots votes and/or get “campaign contributions” by drug lords.

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You’re not wrong, but on the other hand, Elon Musk likely doesn’t handle a lot of industrial equipment ^^’ .